Ukraine, Uzhgorod, microdistrict Shahta, Detskaja St

Format: 2017-08-20
Format: 2017-08-20

Mini sculpture Uzhhorod - Hotel Cilicia

The prototype model of well-known Belgian Manneken Pis meets the quests of the Restaurant «Kilikia”.

The Mini-sculpture was solemnly open in Uzhhorod. The author and sculptor of it is Michael Kolodko, a patron and a mover of a proposal is Arsen Melkumyan. Nowadays,there are 25 sculptures of such model in Uzhhorod. They became the peculiarities of our town. There are such erected sculptures as lighthouse “Liberty”, “Santa Clause”, Liszt, the Rakoci couple, the soldier Shvake , Warkhol, Muhammad al Idrisi, Mozart, Peter I, Houdini and others.

Moreover, mini-sculpture “Liberty” has one peculiarity, it is dressed in thematic garment. Kilikia Manneken Pis has such a tradition too. According to the idea, the erected mini-sculpture Menneken Pis is dressed in exclusively designed elements of cloths. At Christmas Time Ungvar Menneken Pis had a Santa Claus hat. Also, it is planned that at weddings sculpture will be dressed in top hat and bow-tie.

Mini sculpture of Uzhgorod "Manneken Pis" welcomes guests at the restaurant Cilicia

The mini-sculptere was erected in front of well-known restaurant “Kilikia”.The Menneken Pis became the final element of well-room of fresh water of Fontanus Cilicia. The original tuff, taken from historical Cilicia province, became the basis of column, which the Ukrainian Menneken Pis was placed on.

The establishing of well room near the restaurant is not accidental. The Restaurant “Kilikia” is situated at the Central European crossroads: 1km to Slovakia, 20 km to Hungary, so many people pass by it. That’s why, every person who wishes may drink a glass of water to quench his thirst, and also have a rest in hotel and eat in restaurant.


What concerns the very mini-sculpture of Uzhgorod, it has become the smallest among the other prominent ones. The height of Belgian Manneken Pis is 61 sm. And the height of Kilikia one is 25 sm. Belgian Manneken Pis has become the symbol of success and prosperity. After having been very popular, the monument was constructed in different cities and countries of the world. In general, it is counted 15 sculptures in 8 countries in the world, for example, in Japan, Spain, France etc.

The Menneken Pis became the final element of well-room of fresh water of Fontanus Cilicia which was solemnly open on December 8, 2015 on the birthday of the Restaurant “Kilikia”.

Welcome to the Uzhhorod - mini sculpture happy to meet you here!